Duplicating app w/Actions

Bug: I have an app that I duplicate for several users. I added the simple action of Connect Tab when tapping a button. When the app was duplicated, the action did not carry over to the new copy, instead the button disappeared and when I clicked the button under components/features, it read “Compound Actions” where the action should be.

I tried this on a different testing app and had the same result.

I understand this is still rolling out, but this does need attention so that apps with Actions can be duplicated.


@david should I be reporting this somewhere else? Thx.

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I will file this in our bug tracker. Thank you!


@david Thank You - this seems to be fixed with today’s updates, I just duplicated an app and it came through correctly! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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The action is copied normally, you just need to refresh your browser. We are working on fixing this weird behavior when you first copy it.


Thank you!