Copied app, all components with custom action do not display

Thought I would post here rather than bugs, just in case I have been stupid.

Just coming to the end of production of an app, copied it across to the customer created “Team”, sat down to work on it and a load of button components are missing throughout the app. They have visibility filters, however even removing them doesn’t bring them back. They are in the component list, but not visible in the builder.

Any thoughts?

/edits Just realised, I think it is every button with a custom action.

Most likely the screen isn’t attached to a row, or a column value that’s used somewhere along the line for the button is empty.

You may not have seen this as you were posting.

All the data was copied over with the app, nothing has been changed since the transfer.

Do you notice anything if you look over the custom actions? Does going in and hitting save do anything? Or maybe rename the actions and then save?

I’ve checked this in both the new and old builder.

If I click on “options” the actions are simply called “Compound” now. If I try to edit it the screen goes blank and the builder and UI disappear.

Sounds like a bug and maybe the compound actions didn’t make it across with the copy. Only other thing I can think of is to try duplicating again and see what happens. Might have to be something to send to Glide support.

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Many thanks. I have moved to bugs section just in case.

In the meantime I have copied the “corrupted” app, and everything seems to be back. All very strange.

Thank you for the suggestion to duplicate, I will go from :sob: to :thinking:

I won’t mark it as solved for now, as it might be something the devs will want to check.

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Were you the person who originally made the app? I definitely have experienced this a few times when we try to move an app to the client’s org. Only when I, the app’s original creator, copy it, then things are fine.

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I’m somewhat familiar with @Mishta_P’s situation here, and I suspect you might have just hit the nail squarely on the head.

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Can you please send the link to your app,the support link and a video to

Yup, this is pretty much spot on. Previously I’ve only ever copied the apps myself, this time it was the client who copied it to their team. Once I then copied it within the team, all was back again.

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