Editor app is different than live app

My app’s URL: https://homeflow.glideapp.io/


Since the latest release, what I see in my glideapp editor (go.glideapps.com) is different to what I see on my live app. For example, below you can see the same screen for the same user in the editor (in the desktop) and in my app (notice there’s one button missing).


What’s going on? This is driving me krazyyyyy. What are your thoughts?

What’s the conditional visibility you have for that second button?

Also, what’s the action set on the button?

It is the title of the screen, but even when I remove that conditional visibility the button doesn’t show up

That’s an interesting question.

Before (last week) the action was a new action that I created using the new feature “Actions” but now the action is set as “compound” (see below) which is not even an action I can manually select. I wonder if there was a bug with this new feature “Actions” and this is why now it is set to “compound”

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What is showing when you choose edit action?

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It shows a blank screen which really makes me think that this could be a bug: https://monosnap.com/file/wjP2xzwq7Pxyy2nYoA6wsK6G3DvF0n

Just spent 15 minutes with @Laura_Moreno_Cabanil and it’s definitely a bug—all her compound actions were cleared and renamed to “Compound”. All actions were named “Complete” and all actions included an “add row” component.

Thoughts @Mark?


@Laura_Moreno_Cabanil Could I have a support code for that app?

Was that app transferred to an org, or is it a duplicate of another app?

Sure Mark, this is it: https://go.glideapps.com/support/1059d09b-9e62-431f-b505-1ae4eb25ba34

The app wasn’t transferred to an or nor duplicated.

Same here. App from copied form org to…outside org.

A button shows correct in the app but not in the editor

I was just checking again and what is super interesting is that when I use the app on my mobile all the buttons are there and it works perfectly, so I really thing is a bug with the editor (https://go.glideapps.com/). The editor is just missing buttons that I just added, so it is not an updated/correct reflection of what’s in the live app. I don’t know why the buttons are not showing up in the editor.

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The actions didn’t go missing, there’s just a bug loading them. This will be fixed on Wednesday.

Btw: you can Cmd/Ctrl-click on a button to open its configurator :wink:


Nice!! Awesome! I am super looking forward to it! Would you let me know when it is fixed? Or how would I know?

Btw, I am super impress with that trick!! Yes! It’s going to save me so much time!!!

Thanks so much again!! <3

cc/ @Robert_Petitto