Scripts, scripts, scripts!

I was helping someone earlier and it occured to me that we do not have a Forum Page dedicated to helpful scripts. Now I know some of us cling to our scripts because they are in some ways what makes our apps great. Well, I use a ton of scripts in my apps and in my daily job and with that being said I would like for us to list off scripts here to help each other out. I will post most of my scripts that I still use to hopefully be an example of this.


Script to remove cells that are timestamped and exceed a timelimit. This is set to one day later. If the timestamp is older than 24 hours the row will be deleted.

   function ClearAfter24() {
var ssActive = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var MyRange = ssActive.getRange("A:A");//selects column A
var ADayAgo = new Date(date.getTime()-(24*3600*1000));
for(i = 0; i < MyRange.length; i++) {

You can extend the days by changing line 5 to:

var ADayAgo = new Date(date.getTime()-7*(24*3600*1000));

This makes the formula check for a week back instead of 24 hours. If you look at this line and this line alone you can see that by changing the 24 to another number it will adjust the hours, the same applies to minutes.


I am new to Glide, but I’ve been a GSheet/AppScript user for over a decade.
My main GSheet project that I’ve been converting to Glide has tens of thousands of lines of AppScript driving it. But I always feel a little “dirty” posting code here, because it’s supposed to be a no-code platform. Having said that, always happy to share… I’ll see if I can dig up some generic examples for doing common tasks that others might find useful.


Clear column when another specific column is changed in the workbook.

function ClearContentScript(e) {
  var ActiveSheet = e.source.getActiveSheet().getName();
  var ActiveColumn = e.source.getActiveCell().getColumn();
  var ActiveRow = e.source.getActiveCell().getRow();
if(ActiveSheet == 'Sheet1' && ActiveColumn == 1){
 var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
 spreadsheet.setActiveSheet(spreadsheet.getSheetByName('Sheet1'), true);

So this script looks on Sheet1 and Column 1 and if any changes are made to this column it will clear the contents of the cell range B4 through B10.
Now the column can be changed as well as the sheet name to fit your needs. You can also use this to clear cells on other sheets or even copy and paste to another sheet for you.
An example of this is in the same code modified slightly at the end, like so:

function ClearContentScript(e) {
  var ActiveSheet = e.source.getActiveSheet().getName();
  var ActiveColumn = e.source.getActiveCell().getColumn();
  var ActiveRow = e.source.getActiveCell().getRow();
if(ActiveSheet == 'Sheet1' && ActiveColumn == 1){
 var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
 spreadsheet.setActiveSheet(spreadsheet.getSheetByName('Sheet2'), true);
SpreadsheetApp.CopyPasteType.PASTE_NORMAL, false);;

This time we check for the same criteria but instead of clearing cells we look to Sheet2 copy cells from one cell and paste it all the way down another column ignoring the header.


Here is an example I use for creating time-based triggers. It accepts 3 parameters:

  1. func - the name of the function to be executed
  2. unit - either ‘hours’ or ‘minutes’
  3. interval - how often to run it (based on the unit)

So for example, calling it as create_time_based_trigger('clear_old_data', 'hours', 6) would create a trigger that calls the function clear_old_data once every 6 hours.

function create_time_based_trigger(func, unit, interval) {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  switch (unit) {
    case 'minutes':
    case 'hours':

It’s fully understandable. But in some cases we need a little nudge to get that finishing touch on the app, that one thing that we just couldn’t figure out that would make it complete. And in most cases a script can do that. The Glide community is a great resource of thoughtful and patient people. I don’t often visit for help but I do attempt to help when I’m here and I think a script database would be the best that I can do since I’m away for months at a time.


Here is a script that will check a range for numeric errors, if it identifies errors they will simply be removed.

function FindAndReplaceNumericErrors()
  var spreadsheet = 
  var sheet = spreadsheet.getSheetByName('Sheet1');
  var rng = sheet.getRange('A1:Z200');
  var rngA = rng.getValues();
  for(var i=1;i<rngA.length;i++)

Now in this script you can see that range A1 through Z200 is the range we are checking. Thi can be changed to columns or rows if need be. This can be done by using just A:A as your range or declaring a variable.


This thread is great. I have some scripts I use to make my apps super powerful. Will post them soon.


Here is a set of scripts that will send a email for you when a specific range is edited.

   function onEmailEdit(e) {
     var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
     var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
     var range = e.range;
     var cell = range.getA1Notation();
    if (cell=='A1' && sheet.getName()=='Sheet1') {
    if (range.getValue()=='Y'||range.getValue()=='y') {

Here is the second script

function emailNotifications(sheet) {
  Logger.log("Sending emails...");
   var send = sheet.getRange('A1').getValue();
   var subject = sheet.getRange('B1').getValue();
   var text = sheet.getRange('C1').getValue();
   var lastRowEN = sheet.getLastRow();
   var emails = sheet.getRange('D2:D'+lastRowEN).getValues();
     for (i=0; i<emails.length;i++) {
    var email = emails[i][0];
   if (email!="") {
    GmailApp.sendEmail(email, subject, text);
    Logger.log("Email sent");

In this script you can see that it first checks to see if A1 has a " Y " as its value. The reason for this is allow the user to simply toggle the ability to send emails or not. When this value is changed to anything else other than " Y " its telling the script to not automatically send emails. The " Y " can be any word or phrase or number I just chose " Y " to be short for the word yes.

The Subject is located in B1, The body of the email is located in C1, and the list of email addresses is listed in D2:D which is all of column D with the exception of its header.


Here is one I found on Stackoverflow. Although I didn’t create this one myself, it’s incredibly useful and I use it all the time. It will take a string that contains non-ascii characters and convert them to their nearest ascii equivalent. For example, Sebastián Muñoz would be converted to Sebastian Munoz.

function removeDiacritics (str) {
  console.log('Cleaning ' + str);
  var defaultDiacriticsRemovalMap = [
    {'base':'A', 'letters':/[\u0041\u24B6\uFF21\u00C0\u00C1\u00C2\u1EA6\u1EA4\u1EAA\u1EA8\u00C3\u0100\u0102\u1EB0\u1EAE\u1EB4\u1EB2\u0226\u01E0\u00C4\u01DE\u1EA2\u00C5\u01FA\u01CD\u0200\u0202\u1EA0\u1EAC\u1EB6\u1E00\u0104\u023A\u2C6F]/g},
    {'base':'B', 'letters':/[\u0042\u24B7\uFF22\u1E02\u1E04\u1E06\u0243\u0182\u0181]/g},
    {'base':'C', 'letters':/[\u0043\u24B8\uFF23\u0106\u0108\u010A\u010C\u00C7\u1E08\u0187\u023B\uA73E]/g},
    {'base':'D', 'letters':/[\u0044\u24B9\uFF24\u1E0A\u010E\u1E0C\u1E10\u1E12\u1E0E\u0110\u018B\u018A\u0189\uA779]/g},
    {'base':'E', 'letters':/[\u0045\u24BA\uFF25\u00C8\u00C9\u00CA\u1EC0\u1EBE\u1EC4\u1EC2\u1EBC\u0112\u1E14\u1E16\u0114\u0116\u00CB\u1EBA\u011A\u0204\u0206\u1EB8\u1EC6\u0228\u1E1C\u0118\u1E18\u1E1A\u0190\u018E]/g},
    {'base':'F', 'letters':/[\u0046\u24BB\uFF26\u1E1E\u0191\uA77B]/g},
    {'base':'G', 'letters':/[\u0047\u24BC\uFF27\u01F4\u011C\u1E20\u011E\u0120\u01E6\u0122\u01E4\u0193\uA7A0\uA77D\uA77E]/g},
    {'base':'H', 'letters':/[\u0048\u24BD\uFF28\u0124\u1E22\u1E26\u021E\u1E24\u1E28\u1E2A\u0126\u2C67\u2C75\uA78D]/g},
    {'base':'I', 'letters':/[\u0049\u24BE\uFF29\u00CC\u00CD\u00CE\u0128\u012A\u012C\u0130\u00CF\u1E2E\u1EC8\u01CF\u0208\u020A\u1ECA\u012E\u1E2C\u0197]/g},
    {'base':'J', 'letters':/[\u004A\u24BF\uFF2A\u0134\u0248]/g},
    {'base':'K', 'letters':/[\u004B\u24C0\uFF2B\u1E30\u01E8\u1E32\u0136\u1E34\u0198\u2C69\uA740\uA742\uA744\uA7A2]/g},
    {'base':'L', 'letters':/[\u004C\u24C1\uFF2C\u013F\u0139\u013D\u1E36\u1E38\u013B\u1E3C\u1E3A\u0141\u023D\u2C62\u2C60\uA748\uA746\uA780]/g},
    {'base':'M', 'letters':/[\u004D\u24C2\uFF2D\u1E3E\u1E40\u1E42\u2C6E\u019C]/g},
    {'base':'N', 'letters':/[\u004E\u24C3\uFF2E\u01F8\u0143\u00D1\u1E44\u0147\u1E46\u0145\u1E4A\u1E48\u0220\u019D\uA790\uA7A4]/g},
    {'base':'O', 'letters':/[\u004F\u24C4\uFF2F\u00D2\u00D3\u00D4\u1ED2\u1ED0\u1ED6\u1ED4\u00D5\u1E4C\u022C\u1E4E\u014C\u1E50\u1E52\u014E\u022E\u0230\u00D6\u022A\u1ECE\u0150\u01D1\u020C\u020E\u01A0\u1EDC\u1EDA\u1EE0\u1EDE\u1EE2\u1ECC\u1ED8\u01EA\u01EC\u00D8\u01FE\u0186\u019F\uA74A\uA74C]/g},
    {'base':'P', 'letters':/[\u0050\u24C5\uFF30\u1E54\u1E56\u01A4\u2C63\uA750\uA752\uA754]/g},
    {'base':'Q', 'letters':/[\u0051\u24C6\uFF31\uA756\uA758\u024A]/g},
    {'base':'R', 'letters':/[\u0052\u24C7\uFF32\u0154\u1E58\u0158\u0210\u0212\u1E5A\u1E5C\u0156\u1E5E\u024C\u2C64\uA75A\uA7A6\uA782]/g},
    {'base':'S', 'letters':/[\u0053\u24C8\uFF33\u1E9E\u015A\u1E64\u015C\u1E60\u0160\u1E66\u1E62\u1E68\u0218\u015E\u2C7E\uA7A8\uA784]/g},
    {'base':'T', 'letters':/[\u0054\u24C9\uFF34\u1E6A\u0164\u1E6C\u021A\u0162\u1E70\u1E6E\u0166\u01AC\u01AE\u023E\uA786]/g},
    {'base':'U', 'letters':/[\u0055\u24CA\uFF35\u00D9\u00DA\u00DB\u0168\u1E78\u016A\u1E7A\u016C\u00DC\u01DB\u01D7\u01D5\u01D9\u1EE6\u016E\u0170\u01D3\u0214\u0216\u01AF\u1EEA\u1EE8\u1EEE\u1EEC\u1EF0\u1EE4\u1E72\u0172\u1E76\u1E74\u0244]/g},
    {'base':'V', 'letters':/[\u0056\u24CB\uFF36\u1E7C\u1E7E\u01B2\uA75E\u0245]/g},
    {'base':'W', 'letters':/[\u0057\u24CC\uFF37\u1E80\u1E82\u0174\u1E86\u1E84\u1E88\u2C72]/g},
    {'base':'X', 'letters':/[\u0058\u24CD\uFF38\u1E8A\u1E8C]/g},
    {'base':'Y', 'letters':/[\u0059\u24CE\uFF39\u1EF2\u00DD\u0176\u1EF8\u0232\u1E8E\u0178\u1EF6\u1EF4\u01B3\u024E\u1EFE]/g},
    {'base':'Z', 'letters':/[\u005A\u24CF\uFF3A\u0179\u1E90\u017B\u017D\u1E92\u1E94\u01B5\u0224\u2C7F\u2C6B\uA762]/g},
    {'base':'a', 'letters':/[\u0061\u24D0\uFF41\u1E9A\u00E0\u00E1\u00E2\u1EA7\u1EA5\u1EAB\u1EA9\u00E3\u0101\u0103\u1EB1\u1EAF\u1EB5\u1EB3\u0227\u01E1\u00E4\u01DF\u1EA3\u00E5\u01FB\u01CE\u0201\u0203\u1EA1\u1EAD\u1EB7\u1E01\u0105\u2C65\u0250]/g},
    {'base':'b', 'letters':/[\u0062\u24D1\uFF42\u1E03\u1E05\u1E07\u0180\u0183\u0253]/g},
    {'base':'c', 'letters':/[\u0063\u24D2\uFF43\u0107\u0109\u010B\u010D\u00E7\u1E09\u0188\u023C\uA73F\u2184]/g},
    {'base':'d', 'letters':/[\u0064\u24D3\uFF44\u1E0B\u010F\u1E0D\u1E11\u1E13\u1E0F\u0111\u018C\u0256\u0257\uA77A]/g},
    {'base':'e', 'letters':/[\u0065\u24D4\uFF45\u00E8\u00E9\u00EA\u1EC1\u1EBF\u1EC5\u1EC3\u1EBD\u0113\u1E15\u1E17\u0115\u0117\u00EB\u1EBB\u011B\u0205\u0207\u1EB9\u1EC7\u0229\u1E1D\u0119\u1E19\u1E1B\u0247\u025B\u01DD]/g},
    {'base':'f', 'letters':/[\u0066\u24D5\uFF46\u1E1F\u0192\uA77C]/g},
    {'base':'g', 'letters':/[\u0067\u24D6\uFF47\u01F5\u011D\u1E21\u011F\u0121\u01E7\u0123\u01E5\u0260\uA7A1\u1D79\uA77F]/g},
    {'base':'h', 'letters':/[\u0068\u24D7\uFF48\u0125\u1E23\u1E27\u021F\u1E25\u1E29\u1E2B\u1E96\u0127\u2C68\u2C76\u0265]/g},
    {'base':'i', 'letters':/[\u0069\u24D8\uFF49\u00EC\u00ED\u00EE\u0129\u012B\u012D\u00EF\u1E2F\u1EC9\u01D0\u0209\u020B\u1ECB\u012F\u1E2D\u0268\u0131]/g},
    {'base':'j', 'letters':/[\u006A\u24D9\uFF4A\u0135\u01F0\u0249]/g},
    {'base':'k', 'letters':/[\u006B\u24DA\uFF4B\u1E31\u01E9\u1E33\u0137\u1E35\u0199\u2C6A\uA741\uA743\uA745\uA7A3]/g},
    {'base':'l', 'letters':/[\u006C\u24DB\uFF4C\u0140\u013A\u013E\u1E37\u1E39\u013C\u1E3D\u1E3B\u017F\u0142\u019A\u026B\u2C61\uA749\uA781\uA747]/g},
    {'base':'m', 'letters':/[\u006D\u24DC\uFF4D\u1E3F\u1E41\u1E43\u0271\u026F]/g},
    {'base':'n', 'letters':/[\u006E\u24DD\uFF4E\u01F9\u0144\u00F1\u1E45\u0148\u1E47\u0146\u1E4B\u1E49\u019E\u0272\u0149\uA791\uA7A5]/g},
    {'base':'o', 'letters':/[\u006F\u24DE\uFF4F\u00F2\u00F3\u00F4\u1ED3\u1ED1\u1ED7\u1ED5\u00F5\u1E4D\u022D\u1E4F\u014D\u1E51\u1E53\u014F\u022F\u0231\u00F6\u022B\u1ECF\u0151\u01D2\u020D\u020F\u01A1\u1EDD\u1EDB\u1EE1\u1EDF\u1EE3\u1ECD\u1ED9\u01EB\u01ED\u00F8\u01FF\u0254\uA74B\uA74D\u0275]/g},

  for(var i=0; i<defaultDiacriticsRemovalMap.length; i++) {
    str = str.replace(defaultDiacriticsRemovalMap[i].letters, defaultDiacriticsRemovalMap[i].base);
  return str;


I like that one. The Glide community is worldwide and some of the scripts posted does not work right because of the different characters we use. This can definitely help someone who doesn’t recognize that something as simple as the quotes used in the United States is different from that in quite a few other countries.


Thanks … that’s helpful.


Your welcome :slight_smile:

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This thread is great idea and something that will be helpful. I’ve been looking for a simple repository of scripts that I could make use of, and this is exactly what this thread can develop into.

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Yes sir, that’s my hopes as well. Maybe Glide will see how important and useful it will be to the community and make a repository with the ability to search for scripts using key words.

Maybe a separate section in this community would be helpful? I know @JackVaughan is pretty open to making improvements for this Community to make it the best it can be!

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I agree

Hey @Manan_Mehta

Could we use Darrens script for replacing special characters with the WhatsApp notification script you built?

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Here is something I knocked up today to do a global search and replace across multiple sheets.
It accepts 3 parameters:

  1. from - the text to search for
  2. to - the text to replace it with
  3. sheets - an array of sheet names to process

So, for example, if you call it as search_and_replace('foo', 'bar', ['App: Logins', 'App: Comments']), it would replaces all instances of ‘foo’ with ‘bar’ in those two sheets.

I am aware that GSheets has a native global search and replace function, but I wanted to be able to automate it via a trigger.

function search_and_replace(from, to, sheets) {
  sheets.forEach(function (sheet) {
    process_sheet(sheet, from, to);

function process_sheet(sheet, from, to) {
  var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName(sheet);
  var values = sheet.getDataRange().getValues();  
  replace_in_sheet(values, from, to);

function replace_in_sheet(values, from, to) {
  for(var row in values){
    var replaced_values = values[row].map(function(original_value) {
      return original_value.toString().replace(from,to);
    values[row] = replaced_values;

Disclaimer: If anyone decides to use this, I would strongly recommend testing on a copy of your sheets before pulling the trigger.


Darren, how are you making these summary buttons on here?

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