Hiding input components upon submit with custom form action

I have custom action that looks like so:

The flow is:

  1. Add Row - writes the temporary form values to a new row
  2. Increment - this increments a counter by -1, which has the effect of hiding all the form input components
  3. Set Columns - sets a value in a related sheet
  4. Show Notification - obvious
  5. Set Columns - clears the form user specific values

It all works perfectly, except after clicking the submit button all components are initially hidden (step 2), but then they reappear as the user specific values are cleared at step 5.

I’ve tried moving the Increment step up and down in the flow, but it seems no matter where I put it, the components obstinately refuse to stay hidden.

Any suggestions on how I can get them to behave?

I managed to figure this out shortly after posting the above… duh :crazy_face:

The problem was that I was using a user-specific column for my toggle counter.
I switched that to a normal column, and everything worked perfectly.

Talking to the teddy bear always does the trick :laughing:


I am having the same issue. I am pretty new to glide. The issue is that when I am clearing the form, it doesn’t seem to send it to Airtable. So whatever value was set in Airtable pops back into the form after maybe 10 seconds.

The row is user protected, the column is not user specific.

I don’t have an answer for the airtable issue, but I think it would be much easier, simpler, and safer to just have a single row for all users instead a row for each individual user, and then use user specific columns to hold the values for your custom form. The user specific columns will keep that temporary data within glide and also eliminate any unnecessary syncs to airtable until you actually submit the form and write the values to the permanent table.

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