Why takes so much time to load on my pc?

I have 8gb ram with 250gb SSD and intel i7 processor. When I open the glide app it takes me 2-3 minutes to open completely till then it shows loading time, further to add these even after waiting for so long it shows me warning that my account will be open on read only mode and it shows error such as Oh! Sheet, can glide handle bulk data or it has some limitations to scale?

What is your internet connection like?

What do the results look like if you do a ping and traceroute to go.glideapps.com?

Actually I have bookmarked the glide app link, so instead of going to go.glideapps.com I directly click {go}.glideapps.com/app/WDLIdotplgErUXZzfaOe/layout (The link is broken intentionally for privacy reason + the link doesn’t includes the curly braces).

Post which it takes me much time to open finally, my internet speed is 22 mbps and one of my team mate’s speed is around 80-100 mpbs, irrespective of the internet speed both of us experience the same issue.

The reason I suggested a ping and traceroute to go.glideapps.com is that might give you an indication if there is a network routing issue between your location and the Glide cloud servers.

It doesn’t matter if your network connection is ten billion mbps, if there is a routing issue then you will have problems.

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