Why does app keep restarting?

our app is based on a google sheet with around 5-10k rows usually. Users of the app often experience a lof of app restarts. This is an operations internal app and not more than 5-10 people are active on it during that time. What could be the reason for this restart?

  • Is it mainly due to syncing the data with Google Sheet. There is a lot of data update. Maybe 40-60k per month.
  • or is it mainly due to the glide guys updating the app from the editor as the users are working
  • or is it due to the big number of computations etc.

or is it all the above. is anyone experiencing these issues and whats are possible advise or solutions!
Users of the app are in London. We all have very good internet connections.

Personally I have not experienced that recently, also I don’t think data updates will force restart the app. How many rows do you update at a time?

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I put up a similar post yesterday and the response was that it is due to updates being made to the app.

In my case, once I stopped making changes to the app the issue went away, I suggest monitor when the issues happen and see if you can find a pattern.


@ThinhDinh @Dan_San
I find it harsh if updates are the cause, we pay for a business plan and 30-70 k updates extra per month. If we needed an app with no updates, would have gone with the free plan.

We update many rows at the same time, sometimes 2-3 up to 10. We update rows quickly more than at the same time. So 20-100 rows in span of few minutes. Rows mostly correspond to items of a shopping order. Some items are picked, some are packed there is a time when a lot of data updates happen.

one thing we did was stop any delete rows (We delete once every couple weeks during a weekend) and we only add rows at the bottom of the google sheet.

I’m sure the issue is related somehow to the data as even the editor sometimes restarts while making changes.

Hi Rayo,

To be clear, I was not referring to an update from user aspect. We have more simultaneous users and much more updates and it works fine (has been for close to a year).

My issue happens if we are modifying the app using the editor (adding in new sheets/columns etc…) that is when we see the users side reloading. Our app is in use 24/day so we have to do any dev work during the quite periods.

Are you making changes directly to the google sheet and then Glide syncs from the GS. We do it the other way round, we delete the rows in the glide sheets using the API (up to 50 at a time, but we do it using a cron job at 6am every day).

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Yeah, I think this is the case.

if we don’t add any columns or sheets. should manual publishing solve the issue of restarts when new tabs , components, actions are built?