Why am I being charged for the INTERNAL APP USERS?

Hello, Glide team.

I made two apps Public and charged for them in Organization.

However, when I looked at the billings, there were three charges for the INTERNAL APP USERS.

Why is this? I’m afraid that the amount of money charged will increase for every user who uses it.

Thanks, serinuntius.

@serinuntius - unfortunately the organisation apps are charged on a per usual basis as they are not considered PUBLIC apps and therefore have a specific range of people that can access them. limited per registered users by a charge is how Glide restrict organisation apps being abused and used widely with only one $8 being charged.

If your users don’t need to edit the app infrastructure the better financial decision would be to upgrade the app to pro and then create your own whitelist to restrict the access rather than paying $8 per user (which will become expensive if your user base increases!)

Public app are not charged per active user per month, it’s a per app per month charge.

So unless you have other non public apps used by 3 users, there’s maybe a problem with your pro apps.

I had a similar problem, resolved after sending an email to support@glideapps.com

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That’s my first guess, too…do you have a third app published that uses internal members?