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Hey Gliders, would love your help with something! :grinning:

We are going to make a video to explain Pricing for orgs. The below is a very rough MVP (don’t share). The main thing here is the script - the explanation. We want to know: do you understand how the pricing works? (less about the visuals and stupid math mistakes! :laughing:)

If yes - how much would this cost?

  • 1 org
  • 7 internal apps
  • 10 editors
  • 25 users
  • 3 public apps

Thanks so much!


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3 x 29 if none of the 25 users use internal apps (not sure there are internal apps in this example),

Or 3x29 + from 8 to 25x8, depending if only 1 or all users use the internal apps, if any.

So minimum 87$, and maximum 287$


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Have amended my description above thanks @Christophe_HK

$287 dollars each month.

The video is a bit harder to follow but I understood it.

You don’t pay for editors

You only pay for users once per month and they are able to then use all seven apps correct? And only if they access any of the apps in that month.

You only pay 29 one time a month for each public app.

Did I follow it correctly?

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Same result, between 87 and 287$ per month, as non latter the number of internal apps, what’s matter is the number of users using at least 1 internal app per month. If I am correct… :roll_eyes::smile:

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I thought it was clear.

  • 1 org = $0
  • 7 internal apps = $0
  • 10 editors = $0
  • 25 users = 25x8= $200 (assuming all users are active that month)
  • 3 public apps = $29x3 = $87

Total $287/mo.

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The last slide in the video uses the word ‘per app user’ for internal apps. I think it should be ‘per active user’.

In the second example, the arithmetic expression in the slide is ‘5 x $8’, where it should be ‘7 x $8’.

And yes, it’s coming out to be $287 per month.

Also, if every internal app has more than 4 users, it would make sense for organizations to have an internal app as a public app with email whitelisting. So organizations will always try to balance this trade-off. Something to watch out for. :slight_smile:

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Billing cycle is per natural month or 1 month after publishing date??

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Thank you everyone! I appreciate you.

Video is rough. Working on a new draft of it today. Will send drafts again here before publishing

@BlakeACroft correct :+1:t4:
@Christophe_HK yes - no. of internal apps doesn’t matter - I wanted to put all variables up there.
@Robert_Petitto thanks :+1:t4:
@sardamit thanks for the feedback… pshh… who needs Math?! :roll_eyes:
@Gerard_Fernandez your billing cycle is based on when you first signed up for orgs… although I will double check that.