Upgrade internal app to public (pro)

Within an Org, how do make an internally-published app public (pro)?

Duplicate it, then make the copy public when you publish it for the first time.

The Internal vs Public choice is set the first time you publish an app, and cannot be changed. Can you tell me why you want to change an app from Internal to Public? What is the app for?

ok got it!

I built a local neighbourhood app that has now evolved to allow for table ordering and pick-up.

A “manager” version of the app that I’m working on is currently published as an “internal app” and I need to use user-specific functionality.

Also, since the app/org is owned by me I won’t be allowing restaurant owners to be part of the org, nor I want to charge them $8 for accessing it (on top of a fee for the ordering functionality being provided). The charge creates take-up barriers for restaurant owners to get onboard (businesses are very cost-sensitive in this economic climate, understandably so).

In addition, the notion of ‘internal’ vs ‘public’ in terms of accessing apps doesn’t makes sense to me at all. Anyone with an URL to an internal app can access it (provided they’re whitelisted) so in essence they’re not internal at all, rather charged differently.

Bottomline is I could potentially have 30+ restaurants onboarded at $8 each, that equates to $240 p/month USD ($367 AUD!!), when I can pay $29USD for unlimited users (restaurant managers).

I’m a strong supporter of the pay-as-you-go model (pay for what you use), but I strongly suggest Glide revisits their charging policy for public apps.

Why would anyone pay $8 p/user for internal app usage with a team org of more than 3 people is beyond me. Even if its for testing purposes when you can pay for Pro, test, then cancel which works out more cost-effective.

Organizations are meant to contain internal apps, whose users are all employees of the same company. If you have an app with managers from 30+ different restaurants, that’s not an internal app because it’s not privately used within one company. Granted, it’s not a “public” app either. We’re having trouble coming up with good terms for these apps. Right now we mean:

  • “Internal” means all users are employees of the same company
  • “Public” means users are not employees of the same company
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In this case, why did you publish the app as “Internal” in the first place?

I now get the terminology and the intent for internal vs public apps, but that a-side…

from a purely cost perspective (unless I’ve misunderstood something) an org (with >=3 employees) is always going to be better off publishing all their apps as public and still be able to limit usage to internal users only.

I initially published it as ‘internal’ as my thinking was that users of the manager app were not the general public but rather “internally” by managers.

Org pricing also makes sense when you have 20 or 30 apps used by the same three people. $8 per user across all apps is a lot cheaper than $30 for each app.


You’re saying that customers could just lie to us, and use Public apps internally to save money? We can detect this.

A pro app used by those part of an org wouldn’t be deceptive. It would just be cheaper when you have, say 4 members.

But as Jeff mentioned on the earlier post. Per user charge is still valid when you have many internal apps.