What's New/Welcome Carousel - displayed 1 time

I’m marking this as a feature request, but is there a current workaround for this? I’m trying to give users some instructions before having them dive into an empty app where they are expected to enter their data. If no workaround is available, this would be a great feature to have. -Jeremy

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Make a tab with visibility settings tied to a user-specific field, change it to a details layout and include your instruction carousel and a button with action set to increment the user-specific field by 1.

That instruction tab’s visibility condition is User-specific field is empty (as a first time user has not had any action taken on that field). Then the tab where you want people to input their profile details can use the condition User-specific field equals 1.


Here are the steps I took:

  • Start with a “User Profiles” sheet that has the unique emails of users on each row (I use this to assign row owners so users can only see their stuff)
  • Create a new sheet with “Carousel Data”: start with Title, Description, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 columns
  • Create a new sheet “Per-User Carousel Data”: start with User, Visibility columns
    • Assign the User column as a row owner
    • In sheets, use an arrayformula to lookup unique User emails from the User Profile sheet I already had
    • In glide, add “single value” columns for Title, Description, and Image (referenced from the Image carousel data sheet)
    • This results in a table that has unique User emails, Visibility (which is blank), Title (all the same values), Description (all the same values), Image (all the same values)
  • In the User Profiles sheet add a lookup to the Visibility column in the Per-User Carousel Data sheet
    • Requires adding a relation column first, then a lookup column
  • Create the UI
    • Add tab for What’s New Carousel, reference the Per-User Carousel Data sheet. Set visibility when Visibility is empty
    • Set other tabs visible when Visibility is not empty
    • Set What’s New page to Detail view, then add Image, Title, Detail, and OK button components to the What’s New page, and reference the per-user carousel data. The OK button should be set to increment the Visibility column by 1

i do not understand you

@Jeremy_P thanks for sharing comprehensive description :+1:

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Thanks champ, but I am real slow and I just started using glide … Can you share a video Tutorial on this if any or make one please please… :pray:t5: