User-specific columns with Public app

Hi I am seeking some advice on the user-specific column behaviour when users are not signed in.

I currently have an event filter based on some choice components (writes to user specific columns). Basically run an array off that choice string and relate the users filter array to the event array. (Many thanks to the helpful tips on here)

I notice that when not signed in, the app logic does not work (i.e visibility conditions, the list of related events does not show up, buttons cannot be clicked etc)

I previously prototyped this and it worked without sign in, so I’m wondering if the rules of user-specific columns have changed since things are not calculating in the app background when I have user-specific data keyed in. Works when sign in but not when signed out.

Appreciate any advice please thank you!

Link for reference

Is the screen attached to an existing row when you are not signed in? Does your screen/tab have any filters on it, or does the underlying table have row owners applied? It seems that it may not have a row to write your choice values to.

Thanks Jeff,

The screen is connected to the user profile glidetable so there are row owners (email)

If I’m understanding you correctly I have to create a blank row where there is no email (rowowner) for this to work?


That would explain it then. Definitely no row for that screen to attach to. What I would do is create a separate table with a single row that is only used to hold the user specific choice values. Then you don’t need to worry about row owners on that new table and it won’t matter if a user is signed in or not.


Thanks so much Jeff! I feel like I should probably have known this by now! Indeed it was the row-owners that was causing issues. Took your suggestion to set it up in a separate sheet!

Thank you!

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