Users don't show the same data?

I’ve put a lot of work into an app that when I select my user(only user in the table) everything shows and functions correctly.

When I add a new user or they sign up , screens stop working correctly , components dont show up etc.

How can I create the same experience as my first user with all subsequent users?

Any help appreciated.


There could be a variety of things contributing to your issue. We need more details. Do you use Row Owners in any of your tables? Do you use any User Specific Columns? Do you have any filters or visibility conditions on any of your tabs, screens, or components?


I just have a standard user table : RowID , Name , Email , Role , Photo

Second page / table called “Recordings” this shows an Audio Recorder component (Visibility : Show component when User Profile is empty | User Table) and File picker component ( Visibility : When name is not empty | Recording table) . Includes some open ai columns ie link to recording , summarize. These results show up on the page once the audio recording is complete or file is uploaded

I’m not using and row owners or user specific columns that I am aware off… Column is user specific checkbox is greyed out on all columns when I click edit.

Try visibility of if user email is not signed in user or is signed in user vs your current settings

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Can you add some screenshots of how you’re setting up tab visibility?

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When you create a new App, the Email column in the Users table will have Row Owners applied by default, so you would have needed to explicitly turn that off if you don’t need it.


In the end I just went back and reconfigured a lot of my data and got it working. Cheers guys

Now it looks like this