Is Sign in required for all User Specific Columns

I know that for favourites to be enabled, a user must sign in, but i noticed that a public users actions can be recorded into a user specific column (using actions like increment etc)
If public users actions could be captured without them having to sign in then we could give them a slightly richer experience and offer value before we get their personal details. (if at all)
Is this in fact the case or there a gremlin in my app.
Any suggestions?

The information below is found here:

To use user-specific columns, your app needs to use Sign-in with email or Allowed Email List. You can still add user-specific columns with public or password-protected apps but user-specific columns will not be able to save data for each user and it will reset after each session.


Okay perfect, if it saves while using the app and then resets once they navigate away from the browser or the app then they can still get a reasonably nice personalised experience. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just my MacBook doing it’s own thing😅

You can use-specific columns without the user being signed in, and then I believe the experience is personalized just for that session as you put it.

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Specifically when they close the tab/close the installed app then I think Glide “resets” those values.