User-specific column for logged-out users

Hey, just curious how Glide handle user-specific columns when users are not implemented into the app. I’m thinking about using a drop-down to filter a list and not sure how it will work. Will it be fixed per device using cache or app data? Will it reset any refresh or any time they are launching the app? Shame that Glide doesn’t gives a solution for when you don’t a filled to be linked to database but to run locally, for using under visibility arguments or ect.

If your users are not logging in, then User Specific Columns will still work, they just won’t be persistent.
So anytime a user closes the app, any user specific column values will be lost.
But things like filters and relations that rely on user specific columns should still work fine - for a single session/device.

I’m not sure what the behaviour is when a user is app-switching, but that would be easy enough to test.