Do User-Specific columns save session based values even without login?


Based on what I understand, user-specific columns can be set even without requiring login for the app. In this case these columns save value for that browser session and will get cleared after the session.

User profiles and login will be needed if the values need to be saved for different sessions.
Can someone confirm this, as I have some apps assuming this behaviour.


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What confuses me is the wording here is ambiguous. Does it mean that even though the platform allows us to add user specific columns with public apps, the functionality may or may not work?

Seems strange since they could easily prevent it to be added. Also since the functionality behaves correctly.

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Your assumptions are correct. Public apps will only hold user specific column values until the app is restarted. There is is no user to attach them to in the glide database, so they are only temporarily stored locally on the device.


Great! Thanks for your help. This behaviour works for my requirement.

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I didn’t know that! This is perfect for one of my apps!


@Pablo_books you learn something new each day


Is it the same behaviour with row owners?

Yes, the user-specific column’s behaviour specified above is not related to row owners.

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