Session Variable without Email

Hello, are there anyway to store and manage a session variable without using email login in glide.

If you create a User Specific column in Glide, you can use it to store values for the duration that the user has the app open. Public apps will only store the values until they close and return the app. If they sign in, the values are saved in the user specific columns.

Thanks for the suggestion but it still needs and email address in order to work.

What, I’m trying to do is creating session id and bind data to it during the session.
Like preferences etc.
With these values, I will regenerate the table with if-else columns.

Where does it indicate that you need an email to use user specific columns? Last I tried, email has no bearing on the use of user specific columns. Only that once a user signs in the user specific column value is saved across all instances of the app for that user. If they are not signed in, then it’s only saved for that one instance of the app until the user closes the app.

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So you want a “session variable” tied to a Public session? This is not currently supported to record as a variable in your data I’m afraid.

Thanks so much Jeff.
I figured it out after your comments.
I did something very very weird but it’s working.