Session fields "cookies" stored on local device

With the change in update pricing, it has become imperative for Glide to find a way to store “session variables” – which would be User Specific Columns (USC) – on the local device, never to be synced with the databases.

This is not just for swipes, though that is the scenario most frequently given. I have apps that use USC to track menus and “last field used” – to make data entry easier for the user.

In addition to avoiding updates for what are essentially session cookies, it avoids the need of having to purge these types of fields as users drop off – delete the app from their device or whatever.

I know a LOT of Gliders like to use session cookies for visibility conditions. For example, I have a custom form that “pops up” (all other tabs are hidden) to notify users of a special event on a day. Once the date is passed, or they “dismiss” the window, it does not show again. The “dismissed” is stored in a USC, but there is no reason for it to be stored in the database.

Please implement “session cookies” that can be controlled and referenced by the App or Page.

Even “favorited” columns “is favorite” should be able to be stored as session cookies. Think about an app that is used for a conference. Once the conference is over; most users will delete the app from their devices. But that app can be re-purposed for the next conference and not have the baggage of all the orphaned USC from conference to conference.

It just makes sense.

Here is another use case – custom advanced search filters…

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