User specific columns

What happens if I use user specific columns for guests (not logged in users) in a one row sheet which is used as blank sheet

It will be temporarily stored in the user’s device and will reset once they cleared the app session as far as I aware.

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I’m doing some wild tests in public apps with this and I’m being impressive by now!

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@ThinhDinh As you said, after a proper refresh all values are emptied

I build an application onto this. It’s working flawlessly.
I’m carrying “user specific fields” from my blank sheet to every sheet with single value item and they acting like global variables throughout the site.
It’s kinda like a session management.

Before going live I wanted to ask anything can be broken or not.


I’m interested to see this once you have finished, just trying to understand it’s capabilities. Thank you

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I wanted to explain a workaround I did.

I have created a sheet called “translations”
I added all the row items in my other sheets inside this sheet.
I added Title LANG1 and Title LANG2 along with DESC LANG1 DESC LANG2
I added a column called ActiveLang as a user specific field on my blank sheet through a choice component
I copied the activelang value to my translations table through a “single value item”
I my data editor I created an if else column as TranslatedTitle (if it is LANG1 print Title LANG1 else LANG2 etc.)
I created from my other sheets a translation relation and added 2 lookups to every table called Title and Description
By this way, I can translate whole site with one choice components switch.

The only problem is Labels, tab titles and page titles currently
Which needs a lot columns in Blank sheet

Hello Rose,
I have a beta version working on My Spa Soul - Beta

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I have also used the same workaround with locations and activeloc idea

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Great I will check it out. Appreciate it :blush:

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Can you explain what exactly user specific columns is actually giving you or doing in the app? Thanks

Hello Rose,

I’m currently very new for glide and the community.
I hope I can explain.

Basically there are two user specified colums in the first blank sheet. (Theorically, It’s not actually a column since the sheet has only one row, it’s just adding user data to the first row all the time)
One of them is ActiveLocation and the other one ise ActiveLanguage
These 2 variables are being copied almost all the sheets via single value item and they act as a global filter for the data rendered.

For the ActiveLanguage data
I have translations sheet and it has 1 Unique ID which relates the items all over the sheet and 4 columns Title EN / Title TR and Desc EN/Desc TR
I’m copying ActiveLanguage variable via “single value item” in data editor.
Then I’m creating 2 if-else columns, one of them is Title and Description. It decides which language to be printed as title and description
(if activelanguage is EN print Title EN else print TR)
After that from menu tab, I’m creating a 1-1 relation (1-1 is important!) to translation table with the ID
2 Lookups through that relation for Title and Description.

Basically, I’m filtering the columns based on the data entered by per unique visitor.
And It’s working very smooth.


Thanks,you have explained it very well. Got me thinking now, great work.

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Exactly this

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Well, you don’t need to close the session to lose the data. If you are using your iPhone for example and generate some kind of data, it will be there for long time but if you use another phone, you will see that your “previous data” is gone and everything is blank.

If later you will use your iPhone again, you will see your original data without problem.

This is not the case if you APP uses “Public with Email” option.

Saludos Thinh

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