How to reset Columns User-Specific?

I was thinking that making the sign-out the columns would be cleaned automatically, but their value remain as they are.
There is a easy way to clean out all of those fields?

I don’t think there is one in a public with email settings, but in a public app it automatically clears when the user closes the app.

But it is said in the learning video, that the personal column must be used only with login public with email or email white list.
So this shouldn’t be considered in the other cases. Or maybe those columns in that case are associated to the cache?

Not sure what video are you referencing, but user-specific column can still be used in a public app, it just won’t be saved after the user closes the app and finishes the session. minute 1:00

Ok sorry i lost the following part where he mention that the data won’t be saved i public mode :roll_eyes::anguished:

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Yeah, just after that Jack says the same thing as I mentioned above.