What should I do? Newbie here

I’m trying to create food delivery app for my small restaurant. I got stuck to this scenario. At the final step, if customers decided to cancel all of items in their selection, how can I clear all rows by one button clicked. What method should I do here?

What I did to the data was (in glide table); I use 3 different table to transfer data. First table is Menu for when customer selects item ex. Steak with side choices (column user specific). Once customer click add to your basket button that item transfer to new row by set column value in second table ‘My Order’. Then once customer satisfy with their selection, they will press another button to make a final step. This button will then send all items to the confirmed order table and in this table they will get custom order id with joined list menu to summarize the order.

table ‘My Order’

table ‘Confirm Order’

Menu and choices

My Order step

Final step

And I am stuck, I can create button to delete row in table ‘Confirmed Order’ but I do not know what action should I do to delete all items that were waiting in table My Order.

Help please

I feel a bit like I’m a one-trick pony these days :sweat_smile:, but I think you could achieve this if you use a dynamic table instead of a static one. The problem is, Glide doesn’t have the functionality to update multiple rows with an action.

So I’ve been doing a lot of trickery using the Miracle method, and actually had to solve something similar to what you’re describing for saving progress.

Glide maybe do not have it yet… but it has something better! a JavaScript :wink:
You can do whatever you want…

Thank you, I will try that method. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you. I have never used code before. I have no prior knowledge about computer language but I will try my best. Using Glide is the first time that I feel like ordinary people can create something.

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