Delete Button

I’m trying to modify an existing app. I need just to add a list of itemes in my cart and empty the cart with a button. How can I insert this kind of button?

create a column that shows cart ID in purchased items…and generate cart ID when customer add item to the cart for the first time, and add that ID to his User sheet… then when item is add to a cart, set column “cart ID”, if deleted set column “clear value”

thanks for the feedback. I’m trying to modify this existing App in a way that there is a kind of “clean” button. At the end of the process, when the cart displays the list of selected items, I need to start again from scratch with a new empty cart therefore I would need to clear the previous job up.

There’s no need for a clean button if you have a way to mark the cart items as “done” when the order is made right?

I’m trying to modify the app ORDER AHED and I need this kind of function otherwise I’ve to delete every item once and is not efficient. I would like to empty the cart at the end of the work and in this moment is not possible.

So you just want to clear the items in the template? Does that data live in Glide Tables or Sheets?

I guess in Glide Tables cause I don’t see the cart in the Table Sheets. You can find the app between the free ones if you wanna take a look

If it’s in Glide Tables then here’s your best bet.