Cart-type Function Without Payments?

I work for a K-12 school district and we have a separate facility that lends out science equipment and teaching materials to teachers. I am trying to update the catalog and ordering process to streamline and make it easier for teachers and the staff lending out the equipment.

I am getting stuck on the “check out” portion in Glide. I want to have it function so that teachers can add multiple items to their request and then checkout once for all those items with the same pick up and return dates. Basically, I want the functionality of checking out from a cart, but without any financial transaction. When teachers submit their request right now, I can only get the first item to write to the “Completed Requests” tab. However, I want to write all the items for the given user from the “Current Request” tab to the “Completed Request” tab when teachers submit the request. (Just FYI: once I get this part working I plan to have the “Current Request” tab clean out anything over 24 hours old.). Video of App

Any ideas or suggestions on how to get the cart-type of functionality without requiring a payment?

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Instead of using a form for your final submission, turn it into a compound action where it adds mulitple rows, each row being each item.

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Hi @Amanda,

You can also use this this template and adapt it to your needs.

I hope it works for you.



hey Santiago! In this answer you have solved a problem that suited me like a glove! I did not know how the remove button “disappeared”, and simply and ingeniously you gave it the visibility option !! Excellent, I learned two things in one. My regards, brother.



@Robert_Petitto helped me out with the order button as well.

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Thanks for sharing this, @SantiagoPerez. However, when I copied your app, it looks like it is running into the same issue mine is. When there are two or more items in the order, only the first one is writing to the spreadsheet on the “Orders” tab “Lista” column. Does it function this way for you also?

If using this format, then could I have multiple “Lista” columns and have each item write to a different column? Any ideas on how to do this?

In the meantime I have been looking into compound actions as suggested by @Drearystate.

Hi @Amanda,

It seems like that but when you click on the cell you can see on the formula bar that all the articles are there indeed.

Here’s a video to explain better


That helped a lot, @SantiagoPerez!

Do you have any videos showing how you set up that part/function? I have set up several conference-type apps with Glide, but trying to get this shopping-type one working is proving more complicated for me. From looking at the data editor and component configuration in Glide and the Sheet, I can’t figure out what is happening. If there are other resources that explain this and you could guide me to them, I would appreciate it!

Hi @Amanda!

What exactly are you having trouble with? I do not have any videos but I could make one for you or see if @Robert_Petitto has one that might help you.

I don’t have any videos on setting up a shopping app, but I could certainly create some. Really looking to leverage glides built-in by button functionality? Glide also has a set of videos on this feature.


@Robert_Petitto and @SantiagoPerez: I basically built this app modifying from Robert’s YouTube videos showing how to make a gamified app. Now, you are another of my Glide Gurus, Santiago! After learning lots more about the custom actions and looking carefully at your app, I have mine working the way I want! Thank you both for your help. If I get approval and de-specialize it for my school district I will share a copy here.

P.S. As a native Texan, I love the mask in your video @SantiagoPerez.

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I’m glad to help!

@SantiagoPerez I ran into an issue with the app when multiple people were testing it at the same time. If person A has items in their “cart” at the time that person B places their request, it clears the cart for both person A and person B. Do you know way to make the cart user specific, or am I missing a component or key setting? I have tried making the “LastOrder” and “LastnOrder” columns user-specific in the data editor, but then the app is breaking in a different way (only 1st row in table is clearing after placing a request).

Is your “Amount” column user-specific?

Yes, it is.

I have not seen this happening. Do you have a copy or video that I can see?

I just saw this happened. I had no idea that this was happening.

@Robert_Petitto any thoughts? The amount column is user-specific.

@Amanda, in what way the app behaves when you turn the lastnorder and lastorder into user-specific columns.

My thought now is that this might be happening because the app is is using the ITE to replace the amount but that column cannot be made user-specific.

Let me think about this and play around.

@Robert_Petitto have you seen this behavior in any of the apps you have used date, single value and ITE to delete the cart?

@Amanda, if you don’t mind having your users delete the cart manually after creating their order. You can reverse everything to the previous state in which the app was. :disappointed::disappointed:

Here’s an example of it:

I turned both Date columns into user-specific columns and it seems to work.
Here’s an example:

I hope it actually works on your end.

Hey @Amanda,

I think I found what your problem was.

Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 9.32.39 AM

That ITE has the QTY column instead of the Cleared-Order one. I changed it and it seems to be working how it should.

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Thanks yet again, @SantiagoPerez!

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