What happened to the title style font size? Its no longer there

This is the 2nd time i see this. Any idea how I can enlarge the font size of the title again?

Another title has gone overlapping within its container

Please submit a ticket.

for the overlays? its too common an issue i assume many others would have submitted.

and in general tickets are a waste of time. we are on a business plan and probably going to reach 2k per month soon and none or our previous tickets were solved. I would definitely advice anyone asking me to reach out to community rather than going to support.

Well, for some issues like this, the community can’t help any further because we don’t have access to change anything on Glide’s end. Submitting the ticket would mean the issue is raised to the engineering team. I don’t know what your previous tickets are about, but that’s the standard way of reporting an issue that the community can’t solve.

I don’t think that we should assume that others have submitted tickets. If many tickets are submitted about the same problem, it would mean the issue should be escalated quicker.

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