Suddenly only two title sizes are available

Hey everyone,

I logged into Glide this morning and noticed that my app looks off. Suddenly there are only two title sizes available and it’s messing up the look of my app that’s published. We seem to be going backwards in design and customization, which immediately affects all my users.

Not only that, but changing the size doesn’t work, nothing changes.

I’d be nice if there was a way to keep the old design for a while to give Glide users the chance to make sure everything looks good before updating to the new design.

Is this just happening to me or are you noticing the same thing?

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The new Title Styles were launched for everyone today…there wasn’t a heads-up or announcement. I think the new styles are still being tweaked. The Glide team appreciates all feedback!

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True… beyond frustrating. Messed everything up once again… just when I settled on the previous changes… :upside_down_face:

Glide is becoming too unreliable. Too many changes too often. I don’t feel comfortable building on Glide anymore because it keeps changing.

Why introduce something good only to change it a couple weeks later to something worse?!

Leave the title bar as it was… even “Compact” isn’t compact… too much space under the “Simple Title” view

(Update): It seems Glide is making updates as I’m building. I will try to be more patient.

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I am not seeing this feature in my Glide Pages right now, maybe they took it down to tweak?

Yes, they are making needed changes. We were informed about it earlier.

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