Broken Title Component with latest update

Did you updated a few component including the title one? We have a page that now looks horrible and needs a full rework of at least 1 hour - I just found about this randomly… and wanted to show the page to potential customers and investors… could you at least inform people upfront? Thanks from an otherwise very happy Glide user :sweat_smile:


Changed all to text / headline format. Needed to rebuilt a few… can I send the invoice to Glide? :money_mouth_face:

Please show us some screenshots of how it looks, the design team would want to hear feedbacks on how the change has affected users.

The Title component was indeed upgraded and it now has 4 styles: simple, image, cover, profile.

Basically it turned titles I used from large to small text and when selected the simply one, it always showed an image field, even when no image was set.

How it should look in size (this is my adjusted version using multiples headlines):
Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-05 um 12.48.37

How it looked after your changes (different section):
Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-05 um 12.48.29

This ultimately changed the height of our page sections and rich text formats appeared larger than headings which made it look weird. BTW: on mobile, # formatted rich text component still looks larger or bolder than the XL heading:

very stressful update to be honest… the top section of nearly every tab … in addition to overlaping container sections due to titles in part of them

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I have let them know about this thread.

Don’t know if this is related, but the action bar for the title component is also displaying weird on mobile, only the primary action is visible as seen in below screenshot

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Yes this happened as well with us after the latest title style updates

Chiming in as well - I can’t even figure a workaround, the whole thing is a bit too large and runs off the screen in mobile.

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In my case user data got lost (rows were empty) and all form elements have been disappeared (still on the left side menu but don’t visible on the screen). If i add new form elements to a custom screen they won’t show up, as if they are not there. Already logged out, deleted cache.

+1 here the title looks odd on our apps now the image place holder is odd

Looks like its compacted

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The problem is if we replace with a headline… the spacing between the title and the description will be large. & we would have to also place a button component. So 3 components to replace the one we already had.

The pain is if we do this fix to the many titles we have and Glide decide to return the old title component back :man_facepalming:

a comment from someone in the Glide tech team would help


It appears that this has been resolved - at least for my use case - by adding the option of “default” or “compact” size for a title. Example:

I do love that with Option #2 when placed at the top the image will overflow into the notch!

We had to use some crazy CSS back in the days to get that haha.

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I think the action row component is really the one you should have used in your use case.


here are a few screenshots for the new title component inside a custom collection. its breaking in all styles, all screen sizes. and even without actions. If i add actions… it will break horizontally also