Is the Glide Team play with font size ? :-)

Is the Glide Team have made some changes with the font sizes ? (I perhaps do somethings wrong on my side) …

Yes, we did. Could you show us screenshots so we can see what’s going wrong?

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Nothing is wrong, but all my fonts takes around 2 or 3 points. :wink: (I have no before screenshot to show you the after/before)

@mark 1rem, which is the font you’re using for buttons, suddenly got oversized on iPhones today. It’s not a consistent style as the same buttons look normal on iPad, Desktop, and Glide builder (16px). Didn’t mention anything cause I thought maybe this was just a new thing (i.e. bigger fonts on iPhone). But mentioning it anyway. They also appear to be hovering just a bit above the center line, but perhaps this is purposeful too. My buttons are ALL CAPS and maybe it looks more balanced with lowercase letters. Noticing the same with Tags on images. Mine are all sort of hovering a bit higher than the center line.

Also, all of my inline lists throughout my app now have switched to List view when clicking See All. Something I did not do. All of my inline lists were set to go to a page of tiles to keep the same look of the previous inline list. A lot of clean up work today on my end.

Actually, I keep trying to switch them back to Cards view in See All, and while the changes appear in the builder, they don’t show up on devices. If I refresh the page, the See Alls are all back to List View. It’s not saving that particular change. Saving all other changes I make to the app, but not that one.

Edit: All lists are affected by this. Not just the See All in inline lists but even just normal relational lists now go to a list view that can be adjusted but won’t save. I guess you guys are working on something? Hoping this is resolved soon. My app is full of lists and almost all of them are Card or Tile views. :confused:

I’ve also noticed:

  • All text on the app has upsized since yesterday or the day before, so it bleeds over and is too large in most places (on iPhone device)
  • The Inline List “see all” option has reformatted to list view as opposed to tiles which i had set it to.
  • And it also seems that my images are now pulling from a different column which is pretty random

Otherwise i’m loving Glide Apps.

Have you changed your font size settings in the accessibility settings in IOS?

No … (I have checked)

Can you please send me a screenshot of your app having this issue? Also what device are you seeing this on?

I’m also seeing some issues with inline lists. The settings have changed, so different fields (columns) are displayed. I use ILLs extensively in all my apps, and it looks like I’m going to have to fix all of them. Yikes!

Hello we believe the issue is a result of a bug in iOS 12. We are tracking it down now. Fortunately this should only impact your users with the oldest phones that are out of date.

No … IOS 13.5.1 iPhone 11 pro

Patrice, can you please open your settings -> accessibility -> font size and confirm 100% that is set to the middle setting?

@Patrice I cannot reproduce the problem myself on an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 13.5.1, unless I enable the “Larger Text” option in Display & Text Size in the general settings. Which settings on iOS have you checked so far? Please be specific when listing them.

Can you tap on “Police plus grande” and take a screenshot in there?

2 screenshots to show you the « problem » sorry to bother you with that.

Yeah move that slider back to the center and your font should go back to normal. Glide now respects that slider.