Font size

Good day, I translate through Google Translator, I apologize for the translation. I decided to create a small application in the free version, but I was faced with the fact that the fine print ended up. Is it possible to increase it somehow in the free version? Thanks for the reply.

It’s a bit difficult to know exactly what you are referring to. Glide has lots of options for adjusting text/font sizes, but how to do it depends which component is being used. Could you provide a screen shot that shows what you would like to change?

Once again, I apologize for the translation. Here is a screen, and I would like everything to be bolo more.

I few ideas to change the size of your text:

Natively in Glide

  • Go to /Settings /Appearance. There you have the choice of 4 font types. They are slightly different in size.
  • List, tile and cards layouts: right panel, text style section, you can change the font size. Here you will change the font size of your lists.
  • Screen components: rich text (with markdown) and text allow you to change font size. Here you will change the font size of your components on the item’s screen.

Non-native to Glide
Possibly CSS which I believe you would include in a rich text component. Not supported by Glide, use at your own risk.