Form screen font sizes are inconsistent

Here’s a screenshot of a form screen
Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 11.14.20 am

You can see there are 2 x switch components and 1 x text entry component.
Why are the font sizes inconsistent when they are really just different form fields?
To me the “What do you…” text entry label should be the same font size, colour as “Will you need…”

Is there a way for me to control this or is that something Glide as decided looks good?

You could remove the header from some of your components and use the Text component instead to build headers. The Text component gives you several font sizes to choose from.

I understand.

Is there a reason that the default font sizes are like this to begin with? I’m not seeing why it’s a good idea to have so many diff sizes.

No idea. It’s probably always been that way.

k thanks for that. I guess I’m thinking if it’s “bad by design” then what is the best way to ask Glide to make font sizes consistent for all form/input components? Again I’m not seeing the benefit in making font sizes different.

I guess it’s all in how you view it and personal opinion. The way I see it, is that a heading for an entry component is different than a line of text with a switch. But I totally understand where you are coming from. I know there has been some minor formatting discussion in the past and I think some things have changed as a result, but that’s been a while ago. The only thing is that a change will affect every existing app out there.

Anyway, you can submit support requests here.

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the ticket form wants me to do a screen recording and find a support link…