Increase font size (Settings option "Accessibility")

Feature request: include “Increase font size” in the accessibility settings.

Doesn’t the device itself actually have that feature built in, which would be represented in the app? If you change the font size in the phone’s accessibility settings, then you should see that change in the app.

Read through this thread to understand what I mean

For example, here is a before and after example with the phone’s default font size compared to the phone’s accessibility font cranked up to the largest setting.

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Very good point.

Are you saying that if for instance the user had a huge font in the phone’s settings, and then again an increased font size as per the settings of the Glide app, the font size would be out of control and possibly too big?

The reason for the request is because in general, I find the size of the font in my Glide apps a little bit on the small side by default, and I wouldn’t expect myself or the users of the my apps to increase the font of their phone to adjust for this.

Yeah, I would probably assume it would compound the font size and get out of control.

Here’s an older post regarding font sizes and phone settings.

I do agree, though, it would be nice to have a little more control over fonts.

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