Unhappy with Calendar Layout

My app’s URL: https://facilit-e.glideapp.io/

I am not happy with the calendar layout because for some reason the list of events are overlapping eachother (doesn’t matter weather I use Portrait or landscape view).
Please find attached pictures of my phone screen in both Portrait and landscape view.
The results is not really neat to my opinion. Some of the information is cropped.

That’s clearly not right. What phone/operating system are you using?

Hi @Rosewebstudio I am using Android operating system. My phone is Samsung A70.
To be honest, I liked the previous layout better. In a Calendar, we seek first Date and time and I see that time is fading into the Background. It’s a Pity.

Your phone’s font size looks larger than standard. I’m guessing the calendar layout isn’t adapting very well to such a large font size. Can you try adjusting the font size in your browser or phone settings?

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Hi @Jeff_Hager I have changed the font and it looks better but I still believe that the time should get back to the position it was before because it is little bit difficult to read.

de if that is something that can be considered.

Many thanks.

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You can always consider using the cards layout and build your own calendar. Cards give you a lot more options for how to display different pieces of data.


@Jeff_Hager let me give it a try and I will gladly give you a feedback with screenshots on my findings. TTYL

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hey @Jeff_Hager I failed you on that one. I agree layout is great but with card layout you cannot sort by date i.e. oldest first or latest first. It was a bit all over the place.

You can sort the cards list layout by date. Is your date column set to a date type?

I did but for some reason it picks up the first line on the sheet which is the oldest. It makes sense but that is not what I was looking for (sighing). Unless I missed something :wink: :sweat_smile:

Can you share screenshots of your sort settings, the data column in the data editor you are attempting to sheet by, and what the list currently looks like?

I have a screen recording. Much better

It looks like you are using the List Relation component.
If you go back one screen, then check the List Relation Options, do you see a Sort option?


and we have a winner. I will try to remember that @Darren_Murphy. Thank you both @Jeff_Hager :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

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