Webview: Works on computer, not on phone

Ok… So, it seems some progress is being made with webview. It now works with all the sites uploaded, but only on the computer. Once I go to the my app on the phone…No worky! Is there something that I’m missing or is this just what it is?

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I have the same issue. My webview component works fine on the computer but not on my iPhone (not tested Android). You can see I have the webview component (Pro account) with an iFrame bit of code. It works (I have asteroids playing in a card to swipe on …) but on my iPhone 8 I get… nada :frowning: Looks like a bug

I can only assume that there are some differences in Webview configurations/settings in Chrome/Safari.

Shouldn’t a webview component only contain the url to the outside website? I don’t think it was meant to insert iframe code. Because it’s already an iframe.

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Well… it actually worked with iFrame code on the computer.

The fact that it does NOT work on the phone is … a bit of a problem. Hopefully a fixable one. Not a disaster as I am just playing with wish-list items, and learning about how capable the new Glide is and continues to be.

Does it work with just the url instead of all the iframe code, or is it the same result?

I worked out… I am an idiot! I was using a non-Pro for my trials!
Now I upgraded the app to Pro (for interest, plus paying my idiocy price) and hey presto, it kind of works!

This is working with the URL (Coloring for Kids) - I tried some experiments with an iFrame and it appears in the web but not on the phone. So I will stick with the URL version.