Action Open web view - not working

My app’s URL:

The action Open web view is no longer working. Above app is depending on this.


  • click on “upload images to company”
  • select “faster company”
  • Add images"
  • click “upload an image” (no webpage appears anymore)

I can see that a new component Webview has been released and is made Pro. So this might be related.

My thinking is that the webview action is now Pro as well.

@ThinhDinh I would like to hear @mark comments on that.
I don’t think that glide will change existing components from free to pro without telling the app developers

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Santiago mentioned the same thing in my post this morning.

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This is a bug. We’ll fix it.


Thanks @Mark!

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@thx @mark. Spent lots of hours on a solution which uses this and I’m close to showing this in the community