Webview now in free version

Maybe Iโ€™m wrong, but I had the idea Webview was paid Glide only?
Now it seems available in the free version. Cool.
And if it was already there, my bad!


Probably it only works in the builder (for you to preview) and not in the real app.

It does work in the real app.

looks like not in the real application, if so, can you show us, sir

In my case, it just works. And it is a personal app.
If I show it, you just see webview working :wink:
Believe me!
What I do is I link to other Glide apps so they run inside eachother, maybe thatโ€™s what makes it different?


I noticed that the other day too! You can now have a glide app within the glide app using the web component. Perfect for portfolio and showcasing work!

Thats what Iโ€™m working on: 1 app to showcase 6 apps to sell as a template each

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@erwblo This gives me a โ€˜this content is blocked, contact the site owner to fix the issueโ€™ error. Are you in staging?

You can also embed glide app in other places like wix or spreadsimple


Good to know!

You can see example of one of my products here

This is scheduling app I developed which I embed a demo of it on my site


can you show how

It must have been a mistake on my end or a temporarily thing !

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Is it not working anymore?