Problem with my app

Hi since yesterday i can’t open my app. I have this message

I don’t did any change. Please helo

That looks like a web view inside of your app. Is it the url for the web view that’s not working, or are you displaying one app inside of another web view? I believe glide recently fixed some security issues with displaying glide apps inside of iframes.

I use the first app with link to 3 app with 3 différents languages using the same Google sheet

Any help please

I would guess the comment from David below would be the issue, but I’m not sure. I think others have embedded glide apps within glide apps, but I wonder if they have the same experience now.

@Darren_Murphy any thoughts or experience with this since you’ve brought it up a few times recently?

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Yes, embedding Glide apps inside other Glide apps via Webview stopped working yesterday. I assumed because of the change referred to by David. I just told my users it is a new security feature, and gave them the direct link to the previously embedded app :slight_smile:


Hi David, can you tell us which security feature must use to continue using embding glide app please.

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