Did something change in open link in webview?

When I published my app a while ago I made links to other Glide app via ‘Open link in webview’.
That doesnt seem to. work anymore / isnt even around anymore? So is that not possible anymore or do I do something wrong?

Hi @erwblo ,

It seems like Glide have taken a decision to discontinue the option of opening via WebView due to security reasons.
See attached post for more information

It was such a nice way to have an app to show my other apps! But thanks!

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I share your sentiments and I was sad for weeks when I saw this news but my hope is that David did not say it’s stopped definitely but only until they can find a more secure way of doing it.

I would have thought at the very least they would find a way to “whitelist” Glide Apps meaning that it can only be opened by other Glide Apps and not other platforms.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed they re-introduce it at some point.