Open Web View action - many sites not working

For the past few days, many/most websites, include Google Forms, LinkedIn, others don’t load when using the “open web view” action for a button or action link. On actual app, it just shows a white screen, while in glide builder view, it shows various error messages, except for some limited sites that do in fact work:

My app’s URL:

What operating system are you using?

I have tested on Mac (Chrome and Safari) and iPhone (Safari).

I don’t think that you will be able to get the webview to be working. Do you maybe what to instead use buttons to link to new websites. They will open in an in app web browser. I just check the documentation and it appears that many websites do not have the ability to be embedded. Here’s the link:

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Yes, I’m aware there was this potential limitation, but this is strange since it seems like a recent increase in sites that don’t let Glide embed because I’ve used the feature just fine in 6 different web apps over the past 6 months.

Have you used those same sites in your new app as in those old apps or have you introduced new sites. It could also be that these different sites have updated their security rules.

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We were previously able to view Google Forms using embedded just a few days ago, so it seems there may have been a recent security rule update.

Have you made sure that all the links are correct.

That’s almost certainly a bug. always lets itself to be embedded. And it’s telling you it isn’t.

I noticed the same issue with links that were previously working (particularly Amazon affiliate links, but also among others).

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