Odd behaviour on iOS 13 and below but not on 14

My app’s URL: https://beecard.glideapp.io/

Have been testing in Browserstack after some testers reported issues on their iPhones.

On iOS 14 then “Buy Now” buttons work. On any other iPhone the button flicks the screen and then it returns to the landing page. It works on …Android, Safari on a iMac etc

The page is webview of the following …

Which works on an iPhone, it just doesn’t work when embeded.

This started in the last couple of days, we had been testing OK on iPhone up until now.

Anyone have any pointers, am approaching hair tearing time :frowning:

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Thanks, my fault, it is not an iframe !


Works perfectly on desktop, and Android, but iPhone is really really squirrely at the moment.

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And even weirder …

The embeded buttons don’t work on load as that is the first tab. But if you switch tabs and then come back … they then work.

So I think this is a Glide issue ?

Can probably do a link instead, which is not going to be a great experience, but hopefully someone may have a look and see what is going on.

Video of it in action …

From support.

Webview is using an iFrame and some apps, including Glide apps are not supported and the behavior can vary for many reasons. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. That is why we don’t support it.

Leaving it here in case anyone else didn’t realise certain functions were not supported.

And that was the whole of the message. No “Hi” no “Thanks”. Just “Go away”. Maybe someone was having a bad day :frowning:

Isn’t that basically what the documentation already states? It’s more of an issue with the external sites allowing embedding.


Correct me if I’m wrong @david, but is it true that the webview action on a free glide app would have the same restrictions, or does the webview action work differently from a webview component?

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I’m sorry, our support team can be pretty matter-of-fact. They didn’t mean anything personal!

I will tell them to be more humane.


Support is exceptionally responsive via email and I know they’re also dealing with two channels (email and bugs/issues reported here)…the quantity is massive and I imagine it’s really challenging to keep up so they have a bias for efficiency so they can get back to all of us. Maybe they can have a template lol to say, hello and thank you. lol Not at all intended to detract from your perspective on the interaction @NigelG!


The external site is SPECIFICALLY for embedding. It embeds fine. It is the behaviour on iOS once embedded that is the problem :slight_smile:

Sounds like it might have been fixed, however.

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I know I tested your app yesterday on android. Yes the site embedded and I didn’t have exactly the same issues as you did on IOS, but everything on the embedded page was unresponsive for me. None of the buttons worked.

None of the buttons work, they do an “instant back”.

Testing on Browserstack, and still doing it on iOS13. So no cache or anything like that.