Web Embed does not show

Hello Gliders!

I am using an external booking service in my app.

I use the web embedd component, but in most cases the external website is just blank when looking in my mobile device.

It’s kind of funny since ai have tried with 2 different booking services.

This first one usually works by just clicking on another tab and then back to booking again, but the second one might show up if I refresh the page but otherwise almost never.

I cannot see any errors so I dont see if the problem is within Glide och the external web.

  1. Rost

  2. Caspeco Webbokning

Cheers Måns

Both appear to allow iFrame embedding (I tested both in a web view).

Could it be a network related issue?

At times when they fail, what happens if you load the links in a normal browser tab at the same time?

In a normal browser the work always 100% so I feel there is a problem with the web embed component

What browser, on what device are you seeing this behaviour?

I am using iPhone (IOS 16.1.2) and am seeing this behaviour on Safari, Chrome and Edge.

It seems that once the url is actually showing (after refresh, sometimes many…) is keeps showing, at least during the day. I guess that it is some cash memory that holds it there.

I’m having the same issue with 99% of all links entered. A list of urls include nowcerts forms, jotforms, airtable forms any kind of forms if seems, reclaim scheduling links, reclaim task list, pretty much every URL entered. I think this has to do with the lack of support for java, and the vast majority of embedded links call for it. I certainly hope Glide can create a fix for this.

Can you provide a few examples of URL’s that are not working for you?