Does anyone have a working Web Embed I can view?

I still haven’t migrated to Pages from Classic Apps, so Glide won’t let me turn on Web Embed (to embed external site onto my Glide App). I’d like to see how well it works as well as responsiveness. Link would be great, but screenshot (of mobile + desktop) would be helpful in the least. Thanks

Embedding an external website into Glide should be pretty easy to test as long as you have any of the paid plans.

What’s more difficult is going the other way to embed a Glide app into an external website because you need to get the Glide team involved to enable the option on a Business or Enterprise plan.

Based on what you are asking, if I have a paid plan, all you need to do is add a WebEmbed component to you app and point it to any external website that allows itself to be embedded.

I have paid plan, but on classic apps. Won’t let me embed until I transition, haven’t gotten that far yet.

Just looking for a sample or demo of a working embed, to evaluate how responsive the embed is until I transition. Don’t need instructions on this one. :slight_smile:

I can add a Web Embed component to my Classic App just fine. I’m not sure I understand why you think you can’t.

Weird. I tried before and it blocked me. Now all of a sudden it allows. Disregard!

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