Business Plan How to use Glide web app embbeded

I’ve recently upgraded my plan to business in order to be able to embbed my webapps on my pages as per the plan description

However I cannot find out how to do so, nor I have found documentation on it.

Usually on other platforms you have a link page and a generated iframe link as well. I tought tha buy upgrading that option would show up.

Does anyone have the how to ?

@DJP can you help on this?

To those wondering thesame question, I’ve contacted Glide’s Support and they helped me out, turns out that as of today there is no way for the user to activate this feature.

So in order to do it you MUST contact the support team asking them to enable it. Rest assured that they respond quickly.

Would be nice to be able to enable it via project settings though.

Anyway Thanks for the pointer ThinhDinh.


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