Anyone have a working demo of Glide EXTERNAL Embed?

Looking for a working example of Glides External Embed. That is, an embed of your Glide app/site ONTO another external site. The one you have to contact Glide support to enable.

I want to see the real world quality of it before upgrading. Since embeds are tricky, especially the responsiveness. Please advise if this is a Classic App being embedded externally, or a Glide New Pages. Thanks

Below is a (heavily redacted) example.

The container (parent) App in the above has 5 tabs. The last two tabs have just a single component, which is a web view with another App embedded. It’s currently open on the 4th tab, so one of the embedded Apps is loaded. You can see the effect of this with the 2nd nav bar visible at the top of the web view (both Apps have similar layouts).

All 3 Apps in this case are new Glide Apps (formerly known as Pages). As far as I’m aware, iFrame embedding is not supported for Classic Apps.

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Hmm, this is Glide within Glide? How is it on mobile?

I’m curious its responsiveness on external sites as a sidebar widget (destktop), then whatever it converts to on mobile. Might just have to hardcode in flutter hmmmm. Any other examples around?

Yes, Glide in Glide.

It works okay in mobile, although it’s a little bit clunky because you wind up with two tab bars at the bottom. That’s not really an issue in this case though, as this App is used almost exclusively on desktop. I could probably modify the layout to make that look better on mobile, but I haven’t bothered.