Webview component 👀

I’ve been away, so this is a tardy announcement! :wink:

The webview component allows you to embed web pages/assets directly in your app. Add a link, choose the viewport size and decide whether you want users to be able to scroll or not.

Now you can put Glide in Glide…!



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Awesome! Thanks so much, @JackVaughan and Glide team!

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Nice One! Thx @JackVaughan & The Glide Team .

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Can you webview another glide app ?

Doesn’t work when I try in staging.

Thanks for this! I’d been trying to find a way to embed a 360 spherical image and nothing had worked - but this component does the trick. (I use Momento360 to host the images.)

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Why don’t have full size, the large size its to small to full screen. I don’t under stand…

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Have you tried using the web view action on a button instead if you need a full screen web view?

Yes, but from a button you go to the default browser and exit the app. I prefer that it stay within the app.

The ‘web view’ action on a button does not leave the app, however the ‘open link’ action will.

@JackVaughan – frankly, and with a large respect: I paid for the pro app; want to use webview component and, while testing several urls, I have received errors, either “this content is blocked…” or “… may not allow itself to be embedded…” etc. – yes, I see the note in documentation about sites “preventing themselves” from being embedded… - so what do I need to do to allow the site to be embedded? line of code? it will be helpful to know - thank you!!

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It is the block from the website and Glide can’t do much about this, as I understand.


Thanks @ThinhDinh - I understand – however what type of block? just for my own sanity sake I’ve tested secure and non-secure sites (those without https fail 100%, with https randomly) — google-hosted or google sites fail – so what’s the commonality here? Out of pure curiosity, I’d want to double check and perhaps even research it before I’d offer a vague statement in docs AND: I’m frankly quite ticked off at this, especially that it is advertised as a pro option …


Glide can perhaps handle the failure better and that’s what I’ve asked for.


Im tryin to WebView action from button my user side app but it just keeps spinning and doesnt log in

and when i use the component it does not ope full screen is this a bug?

can someone help me

Are you trying to webview a Glide App?

Yes from my pro to freeapp

for the Admin vs User App

I’m not entirely sure that webview would work with a Glide App, probably you can contact support to ask about that, or try a whole new empty app to see if it indeed doesn’t work.

it works in the app builder but not on the actual phone

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