Embedding a glide App within another glideapp

Hi Fellow gliders

I am trying to embed a glideApp and open it with a WebView thus allowing for navigation within the current App.

I was testing this feature trying to open a FREE app within a PRO app and it refuses to open giving the error that “URL may not allow itself to be embedded…”

Is this refusing only because it’s a free App and will I be able to open if it’s a PRO App.

I really don’t mind that because I can upgrade the free App if it’s the case but I just need to know for sure before upgrading…
Any inputs will be highly appreciated. Thank you

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I think Glide has disallowed this option for a while due to security reasons, so Pro apps don’t make a difference.


May you please explain the “security threat” with allowing this option…
If you have an understanding of it.

To me it does not make sense… (with my limited knowledge of course, there may be factors which I am not privy to)… because I can still use the open link option from within the App and it opens the other App BUT it’s just a bad option in terms of UX…

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One example:


Thanks @ThinhDinh for this info…

I will have to find another way then…