Webview component available in production

Webview component is now available to be added in production Pro apps.

Before, webview is only available as an action instead of a component.


Awesome :clap: Thanks for sharing @ThinhDinh. Hope it displays more sites now.


You can try it in staging to know if your desired sites are available to view, in case you don’t have a Pro app to test. I noticed it doing pretty well on some random sites I added in yesterday.

Yes. Definitely. Can’t wait to try it.

I upgraded to Pro. A decision I regret not taking sooner. Loving it.


Is it displaying google forms and slides?

Oh actually just noticed they allow testing in the builder but users can only see them when you upgrade to Pro. You can try it in production as well.



Google Slides do work.

The link follows the format here.



Google Forms do work as well, I used the “preview” link (the link when you click the eye icon at the top of the page).

This opens a window of opportunity for validating things @Robert_Petitto @Jeff_Hager.

  • Validating file type in an upload.
  • Store file uploads in the owner’s Drive, not Glide storage, thus decrease storage cost.
  • Insert multiple files in one form (like images etc.), not sure how it will look like in the destination sheet.
  • Restrict maximum number of file uploads in a form question & file size.
  • Add other options in multiple choice easily.

I just tried it this is awesome, however it seems that the webview action has been conditioned to Pro as well. I can see the websites in the builder but not on my phone. Even those sites that I was able to see before the component.

Edit: The webview action not displaying the sites has been reported by @Mark as a bug.

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Ah, I think they want to make it the same between the action and the component. I believe they put a lot of effort into this and it deserves to be a Pro one, considering the window of opportunity it provides.


could this be working with any of the presentation app? at first i thought google slides “presentation mode” might work.

Hey @everys

Make sure to delete the last part of the URL and change the word present to preview.

This is your original link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1v8CA4eaukdkOOJCCLFNjfxD-dTcpdxesii7msfhQ3mM/present?slide=id.g35f391192_00

This is the link that the webview displays: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1v8CA4eaukdkOOJCCLFNjfxD-dTcpdxesii7msfhQ3mM/preview?

I hope this works for you.


I am trying to display my website (wethegurus.com) using web view. It works completely in glide on my Mac but displays partially (banner and footer shows) in the actual app. I have a Pro account.

Can anyone else try it?
Does this qualify as a bug @Mark?

Make sure you’re using https. Phones are much more secure (picky) than desktop browsers.


Thanks @david. Your help is much appreciated.

I checked again. I am using https://www.wethegurus.com/

Video 1 shows the Webview on Mac

Video 2 shows the Webview in Glide followed by the Safari view on an iPhone.

Video 2

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Which browser are you using on your Mac?

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Its Chrome

You are right. If I open Glide in Safari on Mac, its the same issue- partial display like phone.

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I LOVE this! Especially being able to insert presentations.

Question though- when I set a button to open google slides presentations that include audio, the audio plays as expected, but it doesn’t in web view. Is this a bug?

I checked on mobile browser (instead of having the app installed) and the audio works as expected in webview. But still not on the installed app :thinking: