Webview component available in production

NEVER MIND! it seems to be WORKING!!! Thank you for your hard work on this feature!!! :heart:

@david Should wait for your or Mark’s response on this or contact your support? Please let me know who should I reach. Its very important for me for my website to work in Webview. My site uses Site123.com. By resolving this issue Glide would help many users.

Thanks in advance!


I am on holiday and we have a dedicated support team. Please contact them via our support hub.


Thanks for responding. Have fun!


Love this…seems to be working well. My input though…the 1:1 filling view should be the same height as if using the action > Web View. In most cases, it’s “shorter” than the large view.


my experience displaying google slides so far: it’s a bit glitchy right now. seems to be hit or miss.

1/3 of the time it works great. Clicks through without lag and audio plays as expected.
1/3 of the time audio does not play, but still clicks through as expected without lag.
1/3 of the time the audio does work, but there is major lag time (20-30 seconds) when slides are clicked.

Also, not a huge deal, but seems like audio on the first slide of a presentation does not ever play in webview, just FYI to others.


What do you do with the rest of your time? :smile:

This is absolutely amazing! Literally was thinking about how useful a function like this would be.

Is it possible to change the zoom settings on the webview? I assume it works better depending on the website you’re integrating, but it would be helpful to be able to change zoom settings. Especially in fullscreen settings.

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For the large size are my calculations correct that this is a 8:11 aspect ratio, calculated without scroll?