Action Open web view - not working

My app’s URL:

The action Open web view is no longer working. Above app is depending on this.


  • click on “upload images to company”
  • select “faster company”
  • Add images"
  • click “upload an image” (no webpage appears anymore)

I can see that a new component Webview has been released and is made Pro. So this might be related.

My thinking is that the webview action is now Pro as well.

@ThinhDinh I would like to hear @mark comments on that.
I don’t think that glide will change existing components from free to pro without telling the app developers

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Santiago mentioned the same thing in my post this morning.

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This is a bug. We’ll fix it.


Thanks @Mark!

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@thx @mark. Spent lots of hours on a solution which uses this and I’m close to showing this in the community


Maybe its just me…Webview for me is not working in the builder… .
Tonight I was realizing that it was working in brand new app only to see this behavior,
now its not again…it simply shows up only url make like this etc
not the subfolder as far I can see , I’ve tried to put a there , in the past was working, now its not,
as I said maybe its just me…but this ruins my chance to add my site right inside the Glideapp as it is now.
I did not put there the / after the last word , I think I need to put my glasses on next time ,
So far so good seems its working.
Glide is making a very very good work but, as for the IN APP PURCHASES missing and thanks to the ones who are giving us their solution I think there is a lot to be improved , I hope they are reading posts, being on developing Glide like hell , could be really useful read our experiences after all.
I hope too and I’m off topic now, to see a better AUDIO PLAYER , where we can customize its appearance.
By the way, till now , hope to have webview back bacause could make our app gain features that Glide is now missing.

Can you try using https instead of http?

My bad i’m actually using https , what i found is that you need or it’s my case only ,to insert the complete url ,
ex : https:// www.blabla./bla/
not : https://www.blabla.