↗️ Webhook Action Tutorial

Yeah - any time a video tutorial is available is invaluable to the community! :+1: :+1:

I’m trying to learn as much as I can to be able to make/share some of my own too! :nerd_face:

Thanks for that! Yep, returning the data back to the spreadsheet is certainly possible…just not instantly available in the glide app as it takes 10 seconds or so for the data to hit the sheet and then the app.

It would be great if we could add data to Glide from the webhook instead of the the Gsheets.

That’s what the API column would be for.

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I watched first right when you post on YouTube, but I have to say… thank you so much for sharing bob! :pray:t3::star_struck:

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I see!!!

I agree with you. This is where it’s real benefits lie. Constantly updating sheets with data which is then presented in the form of an application. But for some reason Glide is giving prominence to its ability to pull data from the app for transfer to external sites. This was already possible and something we all do round the clock. So doesn’t really make sense. There is a delay of some seconds (agreed) but it’s not as bad some scripts. . In fact it’s more powerful in one respect than an API. It’s automated whereas API is manual. I use both but for different applications. The minute Glide announced API, webhooks had to follow. They complement each other. But, still at a loss to understand the rationale behind Glides decision not to highlight this more important ability. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’m making totally useful work-related things happen with the webhook today…


Tutorial needed! Is this integrating with Google Assistant via Zapier webhook? I’d love to see a breakdown of how to do that.

Maybe a Webhook area of the forum is needed so “recipes” can be shared.

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Zapier have a webhook action - which I could connect with Phillips Hue easily.

I’m working on our product updates at the moment - but definitely more action related tutorials coming soon.

We have #actions - would prefer not to break out of that just yet. However, please let me know if you see loads of recipes being shared and you want to try it out.


Disco time


Finally we have Integromat connect with Glide, waiting for this so long))


This is really awesome, but I need a bit more on this.
Webhook Action can be only done by clicking a button. It should have a trigger action to automate the process. Likewise When a new row added it’ll make a call.

When a new payment created, it’s reflecting in the sheet. So, when a new row added, I want to trigger webhook to send data.
From this, I would like to send instant payment confirmation via email or via WhatsApp API.

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That’s possible too, you would just skip the webhook and simply do a Google Sheet to Email in Zapier.

Yes. I’ve been doing this for a long time. But I’ll feel more organized if I would use these kinda features in Glide itself.

Can’t you just add a webhook action on submit, or am I missing something and a row is being adding to the sheet from outside of glide?

Except that Buy Button doesn’t have configurable actions.


Was playing around with it a little bit and realized we can also create - specific per device - iOS push notifications with integromat :sparkles:

From Succipe app


Interesting, I wonder if you can brand it in some way so it doesn’t show display ‘Integromat’ my users would be like “who is integromat” :blush:

Yep! We use this too!

Use case 1: say you want to be notified after users view/clicks on a specific piece of content x-amount of times, then once the increment action/condition gets to x-amount (example 100), then it’ll fire the webhook and we’ll receive the notification.

Use case 2: Similar scenario but for a Support Response - say a user needs immediate response, you could connect it to a button and if/when pressed sends a notification with their name, email and support query. You can also do this with Slack :sunglasses:

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