↗️ Webhook Action Tutorial

Would love to, @Rosewebstudio

But, as I said here, Integromat only allows us to do it with phones which has the Integromat already installed in it.



Ahh I see, maybe one day :thinking: thanks

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Right…it requires a third party app. Others exist out there too, like push bullet.


I have to do the recording for this!! I’ll share it here next week


How would you do this for a mass email, would you just have the cell referenced contain all emails separated by a space or comma?

It works using their phone number@carriers text address (example 9185551234@txt.att.net)

Yep! Do a join column with comma separated addresses and place that in the BCC field

Thanks Robert, I figured it would be that simple but I didnt want to test it and send 100 emails to people and piss them off.


So I’m using this formula to avoid blanks since the list will change and increase or decrease in size:

=JOIN( ", ",FILTER(A2:A,NOT(A2:A = "")))

Ya, I’m always nervous about doing that as well whenever a client wants me to add in that functionality to an existing live app.

Same…I’ve been using my scripts but I figured might as well try the webhook way.

I dont know how to set up this

The values is just the column that has the list of emails to send to. It filters out the blanks and separates them with a comma.

Is that what you were looking for? Or the script way? Ahh, I think I know what your refering to. Ok, so what I did was gather every carriers email to text address. I listed them here.

With those I just have everyone in the app add their phone number and choose one of these carriers from a drop down list. It’s mandatory for our employees. and i use a simple vlookup to lookup the send address to the carrier list and append that to the phone number. In their employee list theres a column for phone number and carrier. then theres the notification column. The notification column has this formula in it:

The “Q” column is the carrier column. the “R” column is the phone number column and the vlookup just finds the end of the email/text. I have been since just using a script to send emails which in reality turn into notifications but webhooks just eliminates the scripts for button press notifications. I still need the scripts for live notifications.

I’ve been using a lot of webhooks recently. Both using my own scripts to post to a webhook, as well as using the new Glide webhook action.

I’ve found that there is a time and place for each:

  • If it’s something that’s triggered by a user interaction (tapping on a button, etc), I’ll use the Glide webhook
  • If it’s something I need to run on a schedule, or when a certain condition is met (eg. time-based SLA breach), I’ll use a trigger to post to the webhook with a script

All of this is with Integromat webhooks, which I’m very rapidly falling in love with :heart_eyes: :joy:


I have notifications that go out when the status of something changes. This change can occur on its own over time or when someone initiates the change. Its unpredictable. And it has to occur immediately not within a couple of minutes. That is why I still use scripts.

Yup, that’s my second case.
I have email notifications that go out with SLA breaches. A script runs on a (1 minute) time based trigger to check the duration of any active outages. When a breach occurs, a second function is called which posts to the Integromat webhook, and the email arrives within seconds.

Yeah 1 minute is still too long. I run onChange script events that are set to specific cells and/or columns to trigger the notification.

That’s interesting - what causes the changes in those cells?

Times that fluctuate, Sold Items, Customer complaints, survey score change, etc.
Just a lot of factors. All different triggers, but theres about 6 or 7 more that utilize the same idea. The one im building with webhook is just mass notification for the company.