Integromat new row script webhook

Hi gliders,

I have a bit of a challenge which will love to have some help with from one of our Google app scripts experts.

I have a script which is today when new row is added manually to the GS (i.e. when new row added/edited from glide it is NOT working currently) sends a webhook to integromat which than I can action text messages, emails etc.

Who among my script experts friend is willing to look at the script and try help me make it work when glide add/edit a row to my GS?


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Did you work this one out @yinon_raviv? I’m trying to figure it out as well.

Let’s talk in private brother.

Which type of trigger are you using?
To fire a script when Glide adds or edits new rows, you need to use an On Change trigger.
I’d be happy to take a look if you need it.

I did use the “on change” but there was a problem with it still but and even the guy which wrote the script wasn’t able to solve it.
If you want I can send you the script to see.

yeah, sure…